8 months (Regular/Online)

MBA (Top Up)

The MBA Advanced Entry (Top Up) Route is specially designed for students that hold an approved Level 7 Postgraduate Diploma in a Management subject. Students with this qualification have the opportunity to apply directly onto the programme and complete 60 credits to qualify for the award of MBA. The course consists of the Research Methods module (20 credits) and the Dissertation (40 credits) on a topic of their choice, making it a popular option for individuals committed to developing their careers in senior management.

The course content is delivered through ra distance learning mode of study; information and guidance given to the student mirrors which would have ordinarily been given during the induction week at either Cardiff Metropolitan University or one of our partners. There are scheduled interactive webinars for Research Methods followed by one to one sessions with a designated supervisor for the Dissertation. Help and guidance is provided along the way plus online tools to support development. On successful completion of the course, the student receives a Cardiff Metropolitan University certificate in 'Master of Business Administration' as well as a transcript and HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Report). The student is also invited to attend the graduation ceremony based in Cardiff.

The course content consists​ of two parts and takes approximately three to six months to complete.

The first module is Research Methods (8 weeks) followed by the Dissertation (3.5 months, elapsed time is approximately 7 months),where the student will be required to submit an 8000-10,000 word dissertation on their chosen subject, preferably related to their line of work.

The Research Methods module introduces research as practised in business and management disciplines. Following satisfactory completion at the exam board, students will progress to the dissertation.

At the end of the Research Methods module, students should be able to:

Interpret existing research as a prelude to carrying out further investigation and demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of a range of research designs and their appropriate utilisation.

Source, evaluate and appropriately reference information from a range of sources.

Integrate the findings of existing research to ask a new research question.

Engage in critical thinking when reading and comprehending research articles.

Critically evaluate a range of quantitative and qualitative research paradigms.

Conceptualise a problem; formulate a methodology, aim and objectives; design a research strategy, collect, analyse, and interpret quantitative and qualitative data as appropriate.

Apply theoretical principles underlying descriptive and inferential statistics.

Select and justify the most appropriate analyses, interpret the results, and write up the results accurately and completely.

Develop a robust Research Proposal appropriate for an MBA Dissertation.

MBA Top up details available here.