RITHS qualifications are RQF Level 5 British qualification and you will have an opportunity to study Direct Final Year Bachelor Degree in UK, Singapore or Europe.

A top-up degree is the final year (RQF Level 6) of an undergraduate degree course. If you hold a Level 5 qualification, allows you to top up your existing qualification to a full BA, BSc or BEng degree.

What is a top-up degree and what qualifications can you top-up?

As the name indicates – a top-up degree complements your existing Level 5 qualification to a full undergraduate, Bachelor’s degree (Level 6). Essentially, it is the equivalent of the final year of undergraduate study but it’s recognised the same way as full degrees are. Typically, a UK undergraduate degree takes three years to complete. However, if you already hold a Level 5 qualification, a top-up degree allows you to enter at the final year of study. So essentially, you can get a bachelor’s degree in only one year.

At RITHS, we offer only 3 Higher Diploma (RQF Level 5 Qualifications) programs in Mechanical Engineering, Electronics Engineering and Business Management . We have progression opportunity to selected universities abroad. If you would like to pursue Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Business Mangement at our universties, we will process your admission, visa and all ancillary services free of charge.

For Academic purpose we have given some universities offer Direct Final Year admissions abroad.