RITHS Higher Diploma in Engineering

 Higher Diplomas

RITHS Higher Diploma, is a UK Level 5 qualification. It represents the first 2 years of a UK undergraduate degree. The qualification is assured by ATHE, UK and Accredited by EduQual, UK and recognized by UK universities.

Through RITHS you can also study ATHE qualifications as well as EduQual qualifications. We are now offering online courses in Business, Health Care and Computing.

Study One Year UK MBA online with RITHS.


Higher Diploma in Engineering (2 Years) – Eligibility

1.Fresh Admission: 12th standard with English(70%), Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry Or Level 3 UK qualification with Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics. 2.Lateral Entry to Year 2: Diploma in Mechanical or Electronics Engineering. 3.Advanced Entry: Advanced standing (APL Credits) engineering students from Indian universities who completed 3 years of BTech Engineering study from any Indian university .

Higher Diploma in Business Management (2 Years Full Time) -Eligibility

1.Fresh Admission: 12th standard with English(70%), Science Stream or Commerce Stream or Humanities Stream  Or Level 3 UK qualification with above stream

2.Advanced Entry: Advanced standing (APL Credits) business students from Indian universities who completed 2 years of Business Management study from any Indian university .

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