RajitLal Institute of Technology & Health Sciences, commonly known as RITHS, is a not for profit transnational educational institution established in 2003. RITHS is an educational institution accredited by UK awarding Bodies and partnered with several foreign universities.

With RITHS Qualification, you can enter direct final year of an undergraduate degree program with selected universities in UK, Singapore or Europe.

RITHS Higher Diploma in Mechanical Engineering & Higher Diploma in Electronics Engineering are accredited or Endorsed by ATHE, UK and EduQual, UK (UK Government regulated academic awarding bodies). RITHS Higher Diploma in Business Management is accredited by EduQual, UK. After completing RITHS Higher Diploma the student will obtain ATHE or EduQual certification, which is a globally recognised British qualification. 

RITHS now offer online educational programs of UK Universities in India. UK MBA & BA (Hons) Business Management degrees are now available regular as well as online mode

Our Milestones:

In 2006, RITHS signed progression agreement with the University of Wolverhampton. Several RITHS qualified students have been transferred to the University of Wolverhampton, directly to the final year engineering degree program

2009, the Northumbria University agreed to accept RITHS students to direct final year Engineering, Computing & Business Degrees.

In 2010, the University of Gloucestershire agreed to accept RITHS students to direct final year Computing & Business Degrees

n 2010, the Southampton Solent University agreed to accept RITHS students to direct final year Engineering & Business Degrees

n 2010, the Teesside University agreed to accept RITHS students to direct final year Engineering & Business Degrees.<

In 2020, RITHS obtained permission from the Government of Meghalaya for establishing RAJITLAL UNIVERSITY in Meghalaya State. RAJITLAL UNIVERSITY ACT 2011 is established on February 4th 2020. RAJITLAL UNIVERSITY ACT 2011 (Act No.1 of 2020).

In 2019, RITHS obtained accreditation from ATHE,UK.

In 2022, RITHS obtained accreditation from EduQual,UK

In 2023, RITHS obtained permission to send Direct Final Year students to Malta, Ireland, France etc in addition to UK Universities and counting

Quality Is Our Promise

RITHS Qualified students are the best at our partner universities. With the help of ATHE & EduQual accrediation our students will not only have the opportunity to study direct final year degree program at selected universities abroad but also to enter job with this British Qualification.

Our Success is Experience

Initially working with our partner, the University of Wolverhampton since 2006, we acquired immense knowledge to create quality students. The quality of our students created excellent output and a long lasting relationship with our partner universities. At RITHS, we maintain rigorous internal and external quality assurance process in order to underpin the integrity and credibility of our qualifications.

Reasons for our Success

Guaranteed Direct Final Year Admission : Foreign university admission to the RITHS Qualified students.

Affordability : RITHS route allows you to enter direct final year of an internationally recognized foreign degree and save approximately Rs. 40,00,000 on your foreign university tuition fee and your living expenses in UK or other destinations.

Save your time : For Advanced Standing Students from Indian universities RITHS accept academic credits under transfer of credits and allow vertical mobility to RITHS qualification exams.

Global Recognition : UK Degrees are Globally recognized with Great reputation. RITHS qualified students are employed in several Counties especially in Middle East, Australia, UK and USA.

Assured Quality : RITHS students excelled in the UK University since 2007 and is the assurance to our quality of education. RITHS well placed Alumni are an assurance to our commitment.