RITHS Alumni spread around the world, join hands in serving their alma mater and through it the community. The RITHS family thus marches hand in hand on its road towards excellence. Our Alumni play a significant role in the growth and well being of our educational institutions. Special efforts to strengthen this association of the alumni, who have been our strength, are going on under the initiative of our director. Various chapters functioning in Europe, U.S and Gulf region help us to maintain our institutional relations at a global level.




1. Aditya Dadich

2. Nibul Roshan

3. Jaideep Shan

4. Anup Varghese

5. Vivek Nair

6. Abilash Sundaram

7. Anand Mohan

8. Mukundan

9. Naveen Balan

10. Dr.Arun

11. Anand Kumar

12. Anish Sam Alex

13. Thomas Abraham

14. Manu P Mohan

15. Sujil Sudhakar

16.Anish Sam Alex

17.Nahas Rehim

18.Sumesh Madhu

19.Vivek Nair

20.Nitish Joseph