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Rajitlal Institute of Technology & Health Sciences, commonly known as RITHS, is a modest institution and is an extremely welcoming and friendly place to study. Apart from interactive classroom learning the students find ample opportunities to enjoy themselves. Innovative teaching methods and a highly qualified faculty make this possible in a healthy learning environment.WE MAKE... LEARNING FUN

RITHS provides world-class curriculum and innovative teaching methodologies. At RITHS there is a global series of vibrant education and leadership strategies for gaining unbeatable competitive advantage from worldwide experts for a matchless growth beyond the ordinary.

The RITHS programs, therefore, inculcate in students the skills and competencies they need for professional careers, as well as, further academic achievements. Expectedly, the academic process lays great emphasis on generating international and cross-cultural capability

RITHS will accept lateral entry to its Higher Diploma program from students who have completed equivalent courses in recognized institutes from India or abroad

Students who study well and students who unable to study well, both are equivalently important to RITHS. This is the principle of the vocational training.

RITHS Higher Diplomas fit to the NVEQF Level 6 in India and  UK  Level 5.

With RITHS Higher Diploma , you will be eligible to enter 'direct final year' degree program in selected UK universities and finish your degree within a year. RITHS route not only save 3 million rupees on your UK university tuition fees but also to obtain a globally recognized British degree.

What RITHS will provide you?

1. Quality education with global recognition and 'Direct final year' entry to selected UK universities.
2. Regularly monitoring our students for quality.
3. Comparatively low tuition fees in India and only ONE YEAR ABROAD to obtain Degree. 
4. All RITHS students carry globally recognized British qualification. ( ATHE, UK Certification ).
5. Free 'Direct final year' admission to selected UK universities and all services ancillary to pursue your studies abroad.