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The College welcomes comments and suggestions from students about its services. Students wishing to make a suggestion or comment about the College’s services, either academic or non-academic, can do so informally at the point of service delivery or by contacting the person in charge of the relevant area or, when it seems appropriate, by raising the matter with their Tutor or the Senior Tutor. Occasionally, however, students may wish to make a complaint about the services they receive. This document sets out the procedure for making a complaint to the College.

The College anticipates that complaints will normally be dealt with informally in the first instance. Students with a complaint should seek to bring it to the attention of the College using the procedure outlined here as soon as possible following the occurrence of a problem and ideally within one calendar month. Many complaints can be dealt with quickly and effectively in this manner, without recourse to formal procedures. The College’s procedures have been developed with this in mind. The College will seek to provide fair and objective procedures for examining and resolving complaints and to ensure that its procedures are free from partiality arising from personal or institutional conflict of interest or other sources of bias. No student will be disadvantaged by having raised a complaint, but the College expects that students will not make frivolous, vexatious or malicious complaints. Students who are considering making a complaint may wish to seek help or advice from the people listed on the following pages.

Complaints relating to the behaviour of contractors and others working for the College should not be taken up directly with the individual concerned but should be made by the student either through a Tutor or directly to the General Manager (Administration).

Persons from whom help may be sought

For RITHS Higher Diploma students:
* Director (in matters relating to supervision or other academic provision)
* Tutor (for any matters)
* Registrar

If the matter is not resolved, you will be eligible to give appeal to the Chairman.

Examination Appeals

Students should be aware that a separate procedure exists for appealing to the RITHS in a case where a student feels that he or she has been disadvantaged or unfairly classified in the examination. You can complaint directly to the Registrar or Controller of Examinations. Decesion of the Controller of the examinations shall be fair and final.


Students with complaints relating to harassment can complaint to the General Manager (Administration)

Criminal Offences

Where a complaint includes an allegation that an offence of a criminal nature has been committed, it may be reported by the complainant to the police. In so far as there is no conflict of interest, the College will seek to offer advice and support in such cases, and the complainant may wish to seek legal advice.

College Policy

Complaints on matters of College policy should be directed to the appropriate College committee through student representatives.


Every attempt will be made to maintain the confidentiality of a complainant. However, where a complaint is of a personal nature against an individual, it is likely that the complainant’s identity would have to be revealed at some stage in all but the most exceptional cases in order for there to be a fair investigation. The College will endeavour to inform an individual complainant of the extent to which his or her identity is likely to be revealed at each stage of the procedure. To assist in the process of auditing the quality of its services and responsiveness to student comments, suggestions and complaints, the College will monitor complaints. The College undertakes to respect the confidentiality of complainants in this exercise.

Complaints procedure

Stage one: Students who have minor concerns of a domestic nature which relate to accommodation faults or the non-functioning of other student facilities should enter these in the book, which is provided for this purpose. If an issue is not resolved within a reasonable time, the student should consult his or her Tutor.

Students who experience a problem with any other College service or anything else within the control of the College should first raise the matter with the individual who has handled the matter. If informal discussion does not resolve the situation satisfactorily the person responsible for the area to which the complaint relates should be approached either directly or, if preferred, through a College Tutor.

Stage two: In cases where a student feels that the nature of the complaint is too serious to be dealt with informally himself or herself or through a Tutor, or where, after the relevant Head of Department has been approached, a satisfactory conclusion has not been reached, a complaint should be made in writing to the Registrar, who will acknowledge receipt and ensure that the matter is looked into as soon as possible. An initial response to any complaint can be expected within seven days of its receipt, and a considered response to the complaint should be received within three weeks, with any subsequent remedy implemented with the minimum of delay.

If the matter is not resolved, you will be eligible to give appeal to the Chairman. The decision of the Chairman will be final as far as any college matters concerned.

Code Of Conduct
The student of this institute must develop in him/her the traits of a technocrat that is to say that of an Engineer and Administrator.

The student must maintain his/her conduct as good, all through the stay in the institute by abiding rules and regulations.

College rules, office orders, status of a faculty and staff must not be disregarded.

Any disregard shall lead to a fine in cash/marks or both. Any student being found a defaulter at any time may be suspended from the college and they will be referred to college’s Academic Board.

However, if the student is once again found as a defaulter the parents shall be requested to withdraw the student from the college or else the name is stuck off from the roll for bad conduct.

‘Dedication to the work allotted’, Devotion to the studies, and Discipline in routine life, are the three traits that a student must develop.

Be regular and punctual in classes and satisfy the attendance requirement as per University norms to be eligible for appearing in examination. Any student remaining absent continuously for more than six days without prior sanction for absence shall be assumed to have left the institute. Re-registration shall be required if desired to continue in the semester.

Cancellation And Admission

The admission of a student at any stage of study shall be cancelled if:
He/She is not found qualified as per the Institute norms and guidelines or the eligibility criteria prescribed by the Institute.
He/She is found unable to complete the course within the stipulated time as prescribed in the Institute rules.
He/She found later that the information provided at the time of admission is false/forgery.

Identity Card

Every student must carry Identity Card while attending the institute failing which he/she may be disallowed to attend the class/laboratory or use any other facility. Authorities can ask for the ID-Card of any student at any time particularly, at the time of paying. Student must get ID-Card updated/revalidated from time to time.

College Schedule

The working hours of theInstituteare from 9.00 to 5.00 pm from Monday to Friday and 9.00 to 1.00 pm on Saturdays with a lunch break as per the time table. Each lecture /tutorial/ shall be of 55 minutes duration. Time table for each class shall be displayed separately. Students must appear for all tests and complete all assignments and projects given to them for the assessment.

Computer Centre And Laboratory

Students must maintain proper discipline and decorum in the center.

While using the computer center or laboratory, the students should ensure that:

Not boot himself/herself
Outside software is not brought inside the laboratory.
Should not copy any software of the laboratory.
Carry out virus check for personal floppy/ diskette before use
Should not access to unauthorized web sites
Should not play any games
Should not disturb the setting of the system
Should not take away any items
Should shut down the computer before leaving.

While using computer center the students should ensure the safe keeping of equipments. In case of any damage caused to the items the students will not only be fined but also lead to disciplinary action or both.

Student Merit Scholarships

To encourage meritorious students, the management awards the following merit scholarships.

a.Scholarships of Rs.50,000/- and Rs.30,000/- would be given to 1st and 2nd rankers respectively every year . The above scholarships/awards would be given to students next year based on their previous year result.

Game Or Recreation

Students are encouraged to play outdoor games like cricket, basketball, badminton, volleyball, football as recreational c activity in evenings only.


All students (boys and girls) residing in the hostels as well as day scholars are directed to ensure that they maintain discipline at all times. The following are considered as VIOLATION OF DISCIPLINE/MISCONDUCT.
Not extending courtesy to Director/Faculty/Staff.
Shouting, whistling, using un-parliamentary language in rooms, corridors, common room, hostel precincts.
Causing damage to fixtures & equipments in room/corridor / toilets/ common room/class room/laboratories.
Showing disregard to rules, regulations, notices, displayed/promulgated from time to time on the College Notice Boards.
Speaking in high tone in dining hall/college premises.
Making or pasting sketch/drawing of any king in room, corridor, common room, desks/table, drawing board, black board, door, wall in any building.
Making or disfiguring any photo/ picture in newspaper, magazine or books in library.
Tearing off any page from newspaper, magazine or books in library.
Not attending in time or being absent from the meeting scheduled by the Registrar at a date, place and time specified by the Registrar through notice or through verbal instructions.
Moving out of the hostel gate in bathroom slippers, shorts, Bermudas etc. reflecting casualness towards dress sense.
Carrying water glasses, spoons out of the mess-dining hall with tea and keeping used glasses and spoons elsewhere reflecting poor sense of responsibility.
Do not follow the safety instructions in the laboratories.
Loitering outside or near the gate of Girls Hostel and mess stair.
Playing or sitting in College lawns.
Calling and addressing and meeting students anywhere in campus without proper authorization.
Not keeping newspaper/magazine properly after reading.
Not adhering to mess timings.
Not attending classes as per the time table schedule.
Not paying hostel/college fees/fines/other charges by a specified time.
Boys and Girls sitting or roaming in the corridors of academic block after 6 p.m.
Possession of mobile phone during college working hours.
Not attending classes despite being medically fit.
Smoking, drinking, chewing pan/pan masala or bringing any of these items inside the college complex.
Not keeping room neat, clean, tidy at all times.
Pasting newspaper/any other paper on glass windows or walls of room or at any other place.
Throwing waste paper/rubbish/polythene bags out of window or in corridors.

It may be noted that indiscipline is likely to affect the proficiency marks in academics


Students shall be courteous to the Director, faculty and staff and visitors. It shall be ensured by all students that they extend their courtesy by wishing based on appropriate time of the day namely GOOD MORNING SIR/MADAM, GOOD AFTERNOON SIR/MADAM, or GOOD EVENING SIR/MADAM, and THANK YOU to be used appropriately.


No students shall be in possession of any valuables or heavy cash amount while in the college campus. Any students possessing such valuables would do so at his/her own risks and costs. The College authorities shall not be responsible for the loss /theft of valuables.


Students should actively participate to make contributions for college’s newsletter, magazines, annual day celebrations, team sports, national day functions etc.

Alumni Association

In order to keep in touch with Ex-RITHS students the college management has formed an active Alumni association in the campus. All students must become a member of the association. Students are required to fill an application form. It is strongly advised that the student should not only inform the concerned authorities for change of address and the place of work but also participate in the college activities.


The objectives of the Association are:

To provide a forum for the Alumni of the institute.
To enable the institute alumni to keep in touch with the institute and with each other.
To promote and foster espirit-de-corps amongst the past and present students and the teachers of the institute.
To contribute towards furtherance of Engineering and Technology, Management, relating to the academic activities at the college.

Placement Cell

The College has appointed an experienced Training and Placement Officer(TPO), who is in constant touch with the corporate sector. He assists students for industrial training and placement. It is important that all students should complete the Placement Application form and give it to him to enable him to arrange training and placement. Whenever the campus interview is arranged the students should follow his instruction and procedures set by the college.

College Committe

College has formed various committees – for example: sports, mess services, events etc- and the students are nominated to be a member of the committee. Students should actively participate in these committees and the activities organized by these Committees.

Bonafide Certificate

Bonafide certificates are issued by the Registrar’s office. Students should make a written request to register for issue of this certificate for opening bank account and other purposes.


Students should ensure that they park their two wheeler/ four wheelers in a proper systematic manner. Parking shall be done only at specified Parking Area as indicated by the college authorities.

Hygiene and Sanitation

Students should ensure that they do not throw waste paper in the classroom. All waste papers used/torn by the students shall be thrown in a container marked “USE ME” kept in each class and various other places inside the campus premises for the purpose. Students should not throw the wrapper of eatables any where in campus except in “USE ME” container.

Sickness During Classes

In case any students falls sick while attending classes he/she may be permitted to go home or to the hostel. If the student is unable to move independently, the parents/ guardians of the day scholar shall be informed for the needful. If the student is staying in the Hostel he/she will be under care and supervision of hostel warden/Registrar.

Pride and Sense of Belonging

All students shall look at themselves with pride and sense of belonging to the RITHS family with good conduct, discipline and shall maintain the decorum of the college thus making themselves a good member of the team, society and valuable citizens of the country.

Ragging is Banned in the College Premises

Any student of RITHS involved in ragging inside or outside the Institute/hostel shall be punished heavily with a fine upto Rs.25,000/- and may also be expelled from the Institute with immediate effect without any notice.

Personal Conduct at Campus

1. Smoking, chewing of beetles and tobacco, use of drugs, narcotics and liquor are strictly prohibited. Any student is found violating this will be rusticated from the Institute.
2. Students shall not enter into any kind of quarrel amongst themselves and they should maintain cordial and friendly relations amongst per groups juniors and seniors. Due respect and regards must be paid to the faculty and staff. Junior students must pay every respect to their senior students. At the same time the senior students should not take undue advantage of juniors to abuse and must accept them as part their team members.
3. Never damage any thing in the institute or smear the walls and furniture. Do not forget that it has been obtained from your own money.
4. Students must participate in extra-curricular activities as it carries proficiency marks.
5. A student must opt for two memberships in the clubs and societies from the several memberships existing in the college.
6. Maintain silence in the corridors.
7. Students shall ensure that they park their two/four wheeler vehicles in a proper and systematic order at the specified parking areas.
8. That they are regular in attendance.
9. That they do not indulge in any anti-social activities, controversy of political nature or in any strike causing loss of their valuable time and studies.
10. That they behave in a disciplined and dignified manner in the campus and at public places like market, cinema halls etc.
11. That they behave very decently towards girl students. Any act of misbehaviour towards girl students will not be tolerated at all and is liable to be dealt with very strictly including expulsion from college.
12. hat they are expected to behave respectfully and obediently with all the members of the college staff.
13. That they should be in college uniform inside the college premises.
14. That they must keep the identity card always with them and will show when asked by college authorities.
15. Any kind of union formation is strictly prohibited.
16. Students are expected to avoid.
17. Talking loudly and shouting in corridors of the college.
18. Roaming around in corridors and premises of the college.
19. Smoking in the college premises and /or tabacco chewing in any form, spitting on the floors and walls of college and hostel building.
20. Students indulging in any form of ragging will be liable to severe punishment including monetary fine, expulsion from the hostel/college etc. and such cases will be reported to the police.

The rules of the College and Hostels are subject to revision and shall be amended as and when deemed necessary.


The Director may detain a student from appearing in theInstituteexamination when a student has been found defaulter in payment of tuition fees, mess fees or any other types of fees, short in attendance, guilty of grave misconduct or of beach of discipline within or outside the premises of theInstitute. He may also take suitable action according to the nature and gravity of the offence by a student, viz

Suspension from attending classes or imposing monetary a fine.
Disqualifying him/her from appearing at the Sessional/ Institute examinations etc.

• The Director also has power to suspend a student temporarily fromInstitute, pending inquiry in to his /her conduct regarding allegations.


Students are expected to observe simple rules of decency and decorum towards each other. They should behave properly in day-to-day activities. They must keep in their mind that the dignity and good name of the college depends upon their dignified and decent behaviour inside and outside theInstitute.