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Advanced Standing students from any Indian University can enter RITHS Higher Diploma Top-up. Apply for single-sitting exams.

Students who already studied minimum 3 years with any Indian university  ( Advanced Standing student)  can apply to RITHS for single sitting exams for RITHS Higher Diploma.


RITHS HD Engineering : 3 years with any Indian University.

RITHS Credit transfer facility is limited to the RITHS subjects and carry same marks of your previous university transcript. 

Change of subject is not possible.  Only 2 subject examinations are allowed per day.


RITHS accepts credit transfer from the following Universities:

Around the Globe

Worldwide Universities

University Guide


Admission Norms:

1. The student need to submit original mark cards of the previous university.
2. The student need to submit a 'course completed certificate' or 'Advanced Standing Certificate' from the previous college.